Load Volume Scanner (LVS)

Automated, Accurate Payload Measurement

Fully configurable – to suit your specific business needs.


The Loadscan® Load Volume Scanner (LVS) system utilizes laser scanning technology combined with proprietary Loadscan software to measure the exact volume of the material loaded in a truck or trailer bin.

With this system you’ll measure actual volume, not a converted weight estimate whilst also recording a 3D colour profile of every load. It means you don’t pay for water content, you can eliminate customer and/or supplier disagreements over quantity, and you can easily track material movements.


Accuracy Starts at the Scan Head

Loadscan is the only volumetric scanning manufacturer with internationally recognised Weights and Measurement Certifications (AUS & NZ), ensuring measurement accuracy to +/-1%.


Utilize World-Class Software

Loadscan’s Overview reporting software has been developed in conjunction with industry to ensure it is user friendly and data rich.


View 3D Images of Every Load

The LVS automatically records detailed load information. You’ll easily identify off-centre or sub-optimal loading and you’ll be better equipped to coach and train loader operators.

Configuration Options


Block Mounted Fixed


  • For permanent locations with a site office
  • Mains (line) power configuration for ‘always on’ system

Block Mounted Portable


  • For long term jobs or fixed locations
  • Common applications include quarries, sand-pits, bark and mulch yards

Trailer Mounted Mobile


  • For short term jobs or use across multiple locations
  • Common applications include construction sites, remote quarries, for hire
  • Can be powered by main power, generator or solar

Custom Mounted


  • Utilizes a universal mounting bracket
  • Common applications include entry/exit to underground mine portals or tunnels, and above large dumpers

System Components

The standard block-mounted LVS configuration shown below is designed for use with on-road trucks and small off-highway articulated dumpers. Vehicles are scanned by driving slowly below the elevated scan head. The scanning process is fully automated.

A touch-screen operator console provides for easy operator control and monitoring of the system and a high visibility LED message board displays load results, driver instructions and status messages.

All Loadscan LVS systems also include an RFID tag reader (for automatic identification of each truck and trailer), docket printer, LVS measurement software, and Overview™ reporting software.


Enjoy Exceptional Benefits with every Volume Scanner System

Reliable Accuracy for Every Measured Load

We’re unique in our ability to deliver reliably accurate and consistency measurement, enabling you to make confident business decisions.

Our proprietary algorithms and a range of checks and balances coded into the LVS software, ensure that the scanner doesn’t report inaccurate readings, even in the unlikely event that it can’t obtain a reading from the collected scan data.

With virtually no moving parts, there’s no need for re-calibration or scheduled servicing.

Loadscan volume scanners will operate consistently, even in extreme and remote environments.

Loadscan is the only volumetric measurement system that is proven accurate to +/-1%

Better Information for Greater Control

The Loadscan system is fast, non-contact, and suitable for a range of loose bulk material.

Every load record is stored in the system and connected to your desktop by LAN, WiFi, or cellular network. Data is viewed and sorted using Loadscan’s Overview™ reporting software and can be exported to Microsoft Excel for manipulation, or integrated with existing business information systems. You’ll be able to account for every load delivered or removed from your site, plus you’ll be able to automatically track truck arrival and departure times.

The LVS system will help you better understand your business, your material movements, and even the quality of the bulk materials you’re dealing with. No more bulking or compaction factors affecting your bottom line!

Generate a High Return on Investment, Quickly

With easy onsite installation, the Loadscan load volume scanning system can usually be fully operational within a few hours. Our portable systems can be set up on a suitable site and ready to measure trucks in less than 30 minutes.

With automated scanning there’s no need for the trucks to stop, improving productivity. Once you implement volumetric load scanning, you’ll see significant productivity gains, reduced customer supply disputes, and ensure you only pay for what you receive, all with one streamlined system.

The system can easily be operated by in-house staff, dump truck drivers, or in fully automated mode. Even unskilled operators will quickly learn to use this intuitive payload management system. Automatically generated 3D scan images enable operator coaching, improving load optimisation.

Powerful Add-ons to the Standard System Configuration


LoadTrak in-cab Consoles

  • In-cab touch screen consoles for mining and quarry applications
  • Allows you to upload additional load information directly from the cab

MyScanner Remote Access

  • Subscribe annually to your own secure web portal
  • Allows you to access your scanner and data remotely
  • Includes 24/7 support and routine software updates

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