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Earthworks for Graders

Earthworks for Motor Graders

Grade Control for Motor Graders

Leave a finished grade the first time, every time.


Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform helps operators of all levels leave a quality surface in their tracks. Trimble Earthworks for motor graders is more than future forward. It’s fast forward. The next generation system gives you a first-pass finish that’s second to none.

Intuitive Software. Rugged Hardware

The Trimble Earthworks Software runs on the 10-inch (25.4 cm) Trimble TD520 display or the 7-inch (17.8 cm) Trimble TD510 display.

Colourful graphics, natural interactions and gestures, and self-discovery features make Trimble Earthworks intuitive and easy to learn. Each operator can personalize the interface to match their workflow and a variety of configurable views make it easier to see the right perspective for maximum productivity.

To ensure everyone is operating from the latest design, transfer data files to or from the office wirelessly and automatically using Trimble WorksManager, mobile-friendly software that easily manages data and technology assets across project sites.


Mastless Flexibility

Trimble Earthworks for motor graders mastless configuration mounts one GNSS antenna on the cab and one on the gooseneck of the machine to eliminate masts and cables traditionally located on the blade. The new configuration enables contractors to decrease risk of damage to the machine, keep valuable antennas safer as well as reduce the time needed to remove and reinstall them each day.


Trimble Earthworks Software

Trimble Earthworks for Motor Graders is an entirely new grade control software application that is intuitive, easy-to-learn and runs on the Android operating system.


Trimble Earthworks Dual GNSS

Trimble, a leader in precision measurement technology, pioneered the Dual GNSS solution to meet the needs of the construction industry. Watch the video to see how it works and why you need it.

Configuration Options for Motor Graders


3D Grade Control for Motor Graders

Trimble 3D grade control can be installed on motor graders to put the site plan – design surfaces, grades and alignments – inside the cab.


  • Accurately measure the position and blade slope with the single GNSS antenna configuration
  • Measure the exact position, cross slope and the heading of the blade with dual GNSS

Finished Grade

  • Achieve finished grade to millimetre accuracy with fewer passes
  • Place finished grade materials more accurately and in a shorter time period, keeping material costs to a minimum and realizing better profits

2D Grade Control for Excavators

2D Grade control systems from Trimble are an excellent first investment for contractors new to construction technology.


  • Measure the lift and tilt of the blade with a single laser and laser receiver
  • Measure the slope of the blade by adding another laser receiver or a slope sensor
  • Get to grade more accurately and quickly with in-cab elevation and slope guidance
  • Upgrade to a 3D grade control system as your organization grows

Finished Grade

  • Achieve tight tolerances and a smooth finished grade with precise vertical guidance.
  • Calculate the cross-slope of the blade using two angle sensors and a rotation sensor
  • Add a laser receiver or a sonic tracer to measure elevation
  • Trace stringline, previous pass, or curb and gutter with a sonic tracer

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