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Earthworks for Dozers

Earthworks for Dozers

Grade Control for Dozers

Running on time vs out of time


The Trimble® Earthworks Grade Control Platform offers your dozer operators cab-mounted portability, a user-friendly Android™ UI, and the convenience of a 10-inch touch screen. Simply put, it helps new and veteran operators do things right the first time, and in less time, than ever before.

Trimble® Earthworks for Dozers Grade Control Platform is designed to help you do more in less time. Reengineered from the ground up, our innovative, next generation grade control platform features intuitive, easy-to-learn software that runs on an Android operating system.

State-of-the-art software and hardware give operators of all skill levels the ability to work faster and more productively than ever before.


Intuitive Software

The Trimble Earthworks grade control app runs on the new 10-inch (25.7 cm) Trimble TD520 touch-screen Android display.

The software was created in collaboration with construction equipment operators around the world, so the interface is optimized for ease-of-use and productivity.


Horizontal Steering Control

Automatically control the machine to follow any horizontal alignment from the 3D model. This allows the operator to focus on grade, machine productivity and safety rather than worrying about steering, for increased situational awareness, better accuracy and improved productivity with decreased overlap and fewer passes.


Cab-mounted Portability

Trimble Earthworks for Dozers mounts dual GNSS receivers on top of the cab to eliminate masts and cables traditionally located on the blade.

The dual GNSS receivers are ideal for steep slope work and complex designs with tight tolerances.

Configuration Options for Dozers


3D Grade Control for Dozers

Smarter, faster and more accurate grading, with standard Connected Site functionality to bring the office and the machine together for increased efficiency.

Bulk Earthworks

  • Display design information and live cut/fill indications in the cab
  • Monitor avoidance zones with real-time information
  • Collect as-built data as the machine cuts to grade Keep tighter control over safety issues
  • See precisely where dirt is being moved on site


  • Determine the position of each tip of the blade and compare it to the design elevation to compute cut or fill to grade
  • Drive the valves for automatic blade control or view in-cab lightbars based on the cut or fill data
  • Control the machine’s automatic blade control settings in real-time
  • Adjust the machine’s response to differing material conditions
  • Optimize the machine’s performance for a particular grading task

Finished Grading

  • Achieve finished grade to millimetre accuracy with fewer passes
  • Place finished grade materials more accurately and in a shorter time period
  • Keep the material costs to a minimum and realize better profits

2D Grade Control for Dozers

The 2D Trimble system is an excellent first investment for contractors new to construction technology.


  • Use a single laser and laser receiver to measure the lift and tilt of the blade
  • Add another laser receiver or a slope sensor to measure the slope of the blade
  • Get elevation and slope guidance to get to grade quickly and accurately
  • Easily upgrade to a 3D grade control system

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