Frank Pienaar

Frank graduated from the Cape University of Technology in 1994. He worked as a construction surveyor until joining Optron in May 2003. In Jan 2006 he joined CLM Positioning Solutions as a sales [...]

Elzeth Steenkamp

Elzeth Steenkamp was employed by OPTRON as a sales representative in 2009, after spending time in the Photogrammetry division with the Department of Water Affairs and Fisheries. She then moved to [...]

Wilfred Marais

Wilfred joined SITECH SA in 2015 as an Application Engineer and currently holds the position of Technical Manager. He matriculated in 1992 and carried out an apprenticeship, whereupon he applied [...]

Otto Spreng

Otto is a registered engineering surveyor. He spent ten years in the construction industry, specialising in major infrastructure, mining infrastructure and township development projects. He [...]

Tessa Swanepoel

Tessa joined OPTRON in August 2016, and currently holds the position of Financial Manager for SITECH SA. She has 24 years’ financial experience with a B. Compt. Honours and completed her 3 years [...]

Prenavin Chetty

Prenavin Chetty is Head of Operations for SITECH SA. He joined OPTRON in November 2006 and has several years’ experience in the electronics industry. Prenavin holds a National Diploma in [...]

Stephen Koekemoer-Brown

Stephen joined OPTRON in February 1997 and currently holds the position of Group Marketing Manager. He obtained his National Diploma Survey (with distinction) from the Tshwane University of [...]

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