Connected Site Gateway

Allocate resources effectively and improve productivity


The SNM941 is like a dedicated hotline sending and receiving vital information from the field – design updates, GNSS corrections, telematics, production information, and even tech support.


The rugged SNM941 Connected Site Gateway enables the Trimble Connected Machine for faster, more intelligent ways to work.

Wireless Data Sync

  • Communicate design files, work orders, and as-built information between the machine and the office without ever leaving the cab
  • Work smarter with fewer interruptions and less downtime

SNM940Remote Assistant

  • Receive on the spot technical support or training from your head office or your SITECH technology dealer, eliminating downtime waiting for a technician to drive to your site
  • Reduce downtime spent waiting for resolution to increase your productivity, minimize fuel waste, and get a better bottom line

SNM940Project Monitoring

  • Integrates with VisionLink Unified Suite applications
  • Capture cycle counts, load counts and material volumes
  • Monitor completed work, map pass counts and create progress reports to keep projects on time and budget
  • Make proactive decisions regarding production efficiency and minimizing costs

Remote InfrastructureSNM940

  • Use Trimble Internet Base Station Service (IBSS) or Trimble VRS Now for GNSS corrections without fixed on-site GNSS infrastructure
  • Reduce investment in base stations and time spent establishing site infrastructure, while maintaining the same precision accuracy for GNSS machine control

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