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Drilling and Piling

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Machine Control for Drilling, Piling and Dynamic Compaction Machines

Less re-work, higher productivity and increased profitability


Optimise production and revenue for drilling, piling and dynamic compaction operations. All day, all night and under almost any conditions.

Trimble Groundworks Machine Control System

Advanced Trimble positioning technology helps increase the safety, accuracy and efficiency of drilling and piling operations. Integrated solutions bring the office and the field together for less rework, more productivity, and best of all — more profitability.

Trimble Groundworks is a 3D machine control system that improves efficiency and reduces downtime with stakeless navigation, monitoring productivity and quality, and managing design data from office to field. Groundworks delivers a drill holes in a uniform blasting pattern to improve rock fragmentation.


3D or 2D Guidance

Accurate drill depth, direction and drill hole calculation from any direction. Reduced overdrilling prevents accelerated machine drill bits and hammer wear.


Improve Site Safety

Avoidance zones alert the operator of areas to avoid, reduces blind spots and removes the need for people standing near the machine.



Auto-Stop feature eliminates over/under drilling and reduces machine wear and tear. Drill exactly to the required depth.


Layout and Record As-Built Data

Reduce time and money spent on surveyors and stakes. Stop pounding stakes and start making money. No need to wait for surveyors. Trimble Groundworks follows the International Rock Excavation Data Exchange Standard (IREDES) standard.


In-Field Operation

Create an in-field design for drilling without the delays of returning to the office. Create in-field productivity and quality drilling reports.


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