OnSite Technology Webinar

Microsoft Teams Meeting

Join us for our next OnSite Webinar, hosted by SITECH SA.

TUESDAY  | 16 JULY 2024 @ 14H00

An Introduction to Tally IA

In this webinar we will introduce Tally IA, a data platform that allows you to capture Load & Tip information during a road construction project – in the field, with pre-configured data for Contractors, Trucks, Activities & Routes, allowing near real-time progress monitoring in the office.

Currently the tally of truckloads during a road construction project is performed manually, by means of in-field paper recording and Microsoft Excel for analysis and reporting.

With Tally IA, you can:

  • Capture load & tip information in the field via the mobile app
  • Create & manage contractors, routes, quarries and materials
  • Access up-to-date progress information of the work completed
  • Export and sync progress data with project estimation software
  • Continuously track the efficiency of contractors and equipment

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how Tally IA can streamline your load & tip data workflow and ensure accurate, up-to dated information for timeous decision making by all stakeholders.


Date: Tuesday, 16 July 2024
Time: 14H00 – 15H00 SAST (UTC +2:00)
Place: Microsoft Teams

Jaco Witsche – General Manager (SITECH SA)
Fanie Le Roux – Enterprise Business Development (OPTRON Moyo BP)
Gian Robinson – Senior Site Engineer (H&I Construction)

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